Who can install Wowwlr?

Anyone in your Slack, who has rights to create #wowwlr channel.
Usually it as an admin or owner of your Slack workspace

Can I send any text in the win to anybody in the company?

Yes, you can. The main goal of Wowwlr is to give you the full freedom to express your gratitude the way you want. You can even customize your win with a sticker! Likewise, anybody in the company can send their win to you :) In fact, you can send a win to multiple people at the same time.

Does Wowwlr have a feature to show me wins others in the company are sending?

Yes. There are two ways:
1. Go to https://www.wowwlr.com/wins and login with your Slack credentials -- this is a list of recent wins. 2. Join the #wowwlr channel in your Slack (make sure it exists!) and read weekly win digests.

Can I test Wowwlr on a small scale, especially if I have another existing way to recognize my team’s efforts?

Yes! In fact, this is a recommended way: install Wowwlr and inform only the group you would like to test with. Send wins to each other, configure Wowwlr settings, check and feel how Wowwlr works for you.

What makes Wowwlr special compared to other similar applications?

- Our primary focus is to create the culture of recognition, as it is the driving force of your people to perform (apart from extrinsic motivators, such as salary or bonuses). Verbal recognition will go far in motivating your employees or team peers.
- We share only the most important numbers, but not the number of likes, because we are not after competition: everyone is included to participate in building the company's success. Every small, medium and large effort counts.
- We care about user privacy: all feedback answers are anonymous, because we want to preserve the right to express one’s voice.