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Want to learn, what other teams work on? Need to engage your team members? Meet Wowwlr. Send wins to your colleagues within Slack.

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Let's express gratitude for our work


Send wins to spark joy, promote culture of gratefulness and support.
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Share knowledge in a win and learn about something new from your colleagues
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How it helps?

Builds culture

Build Deeper Culture, seamlessly.

In the remote times HR professionals go far and beyond to find ways of engaging their employees.

We at Wowwlr know this problem intimately from before: growing a team from 2 to several hundred, distributed on all major continents.

Today, all our work has become virtual. But how different is it when we are in the office? Not much. You still want to meaningfully engage with colleagues and measure the happiness of your employees.

Company culture
Company culture

Shares knowledge

Share knowledge with every win, and more.

What drives our day?

  • Learning something new
  • Achieving our individual goals
  • Helping the team to perform
  • Hearing recognition of our work

With Wowwlr you can learn what your colleagues are working on, receive or send recognition (a win).

What's inside?

We equipped Wowwlr with magic features, that make it irresistible for organizations of all sizes and shapes:

Weekly win digest: each win is shown in its original context: click on the channel to see what was said before and after it.

User profile accumulates the recognition capital: everything you received and sent.

Stickers to liven and personalize your wins.

Feedback that rides a win: get feedback right where recognition is sent

Feel the vibe of your remote distributed organization in one click: visit
or wait out for the weekly digest published in #wowwlr channel in Slack.

Our Story

We implemented Wowwlr -- Slack app for sending wins to team peers / broader organizations to increase engagement. Our target group was engineering. We got 50 active people sending wins and 100 win recipients within 2 months after launch. Just within the past month, the number of wins sent from different sites has quadrupled.

Most common reasons for sending wins are: Thanking for a knowledge sharing session; For working late to fix a critical production bug; For a smooth release of an exciting new feature; For being an inspiration to others / excelling; For joining the team and rocking it.

Enable your Team to rock and engage by increasing recognition!

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